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All critters currently in search of their forever families can be viewed under UP for Adoption and Courtesy Postings. 

Critters soon to be available for adoption can be viewed under Adoptable SOON.

Our Adoption Process can be viewed under Our Adoption Process. 

Truffala T and Lorax


If your critter is in search of a new home, for whatever reason, don't hesitate to contact us! We are here to help in any way we can.

If we are unable to take in your critter at the time, we are happy to Courtesy Post them to our Social Media Platforms to help you find them a home, as well as refer you to other resources that may be able to help.

Contact us with any questions!

*This rescue is unable to accept dog, cat, livestock, or wildlife surrenders.*

Polly and Dolly_edited.jpg

Nail Trims

Does your critter need their nails trimmed? We would be happy to help! 

Contact for rates and any questions.

*As the rescue is located in a private home, we are available for Nail Trim appointment meetings in mutual locations around Spokane or in your home if preferred.*

Sweet Potato

Boarding & Drop In Visits

Going on Vacation? We would be happy to ensure your critter family member(s) are cared for while you are away!

Boarding is offered to critters needing to stay at the rescue's location. Drop In Visits are offered for critters needing care in their own home.

Contact us for rates, details, or other questions.

*Boarding NOT available for dogs and cats*



Offering transport for critters needing a ride from their veterinary appointment, to their new home... ext.! 

Contact for rates, details, and other questions. 

*Transportation Services offered in the Spokane area primarily. 2 hour radius of Spokane available*



Are you trying to determine the type of critter to bring into your home? Or maybe you have questions regarding your current critters... 

We are happy to help with any questions you may have! We are not only here to help find critters their forever families, but are here to offer advice and support regarding critter care!

Contact us with questions, and/or view our Critter Care Sheets

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