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Our Adoption Process

This rescue is located in a private home in the Spokane area. To accommodate for NOT meeting at the home, we meet in mutual locations within a 2-3 hour radius of Spokane.

Adoption Policy

The 5 Requirements for Adoption:

1. You must be 18 years or older to adopt.

2. You must have a basic understanding of the animals care,
- We are always here for support before/during/after adoption and are
happy to answer questions!
3. You must show proof of an adequate habitat and supplies before adoption.
- There are times we do have donated habitats/supplies we can send with an
adoption, for an additional fee.

4. Conduct a Meet and Greet to ensure the animal is a good fit for your family.
- If adoption requirements 1-3 above are met at time of Meet and Greet, an
adopter is welcome to adopt the animal during that same meeting. This is
at the sole discretion of the My 'Little' Animal Kingdom Rescue
representative conducting the Meet and Greet.

5. An Adoption Form is signed agreeing to:
- NOT breed the animal if unaltered
- NOT feed the animal to another animal
- If at ANY TIME (no matter the amount of time that has elapsed since
adoption or the reasoning) you can no longer care for the animal, the animal is to be
SURRENDERED back into the care of My 'Little' Animal Kingdom Rescue.

All animals come with a small amount of food, a Discounted New Pet Exam at one of our partnered veterinary offices within 14 days of adoption, as well as a Personalized Care Guide telling their story. The Adoption Form is signed at time of adoption.

Our Adoption Process: About Us
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