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My 'Little' Animal Kingdom Rescue

501(c)3 Non-Profit Animal Rescue based in Spokane, Washington

100% of adoption fees and donations received go to caring for and spoiling the animals!

Guinea boys
Rachel, Phoebe, Monica
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Who We Are

What We Stand For

This rescue is built on the promise that every animal that comes to the rescue will be treated as a part of the family; and here at My ‘Little’ Animal Kingdom Rescue, we keep our promises.

My 'Little' Animal Kingdom Rescue is a 501(c) 3 Non Profit that takes in reptiles, birds, small animals, and more! (Excluding dogs, cats, livestock, and wildlife)

We are not only here to take in animals who need us, but we are also here to support those families that are needing to find a new home for their pet(s) or who simply need guidance. Even if we cannot take in a pet, we do what we can to help that family find their family member a new home, whether this is recommending another rescue, helping with exposure for the animal(s), or simply keeping in touch and letting them know when we do have space to take their pet(s) in.

We do not look down upon those who ask for our help, we understand it is never an easy decision to surrender a pet and we strive to keep our rescue positive and supportive.

We are also here for educational purposes. My ‘Little’ Animal Kingdom Rescue was also established to help bring a better understanding of the proper care of animals. We love answering questions regarding someone’s pet(s) or helping someone to decide what type of pet may be a good fit for them. We are strong advocates of doing research and understanding at least the basic care of any animal, before bringing them home.

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